Bagatelle Beach St Tropez is the ultra-chic happening Beach Club Restaurant for luxurious sun bathing, exquisite French cuisine & an exciting DJ-pumping infused party scene! We came here on a Saturday afternoon after local’s tip we met just the night before. We left wanting to open a chain of beach club’s across the globe!The energy at Bagatelle Beach is Fun, Fabulous and Fantastical! We arrived early and situated ourselves in the luxurious beach beds, 25 euro each for all day use. As we waited for our lunch reservation at 3:30 pm (lunch reservations at 1:30 OR 3:30) we watched the children playing ball games on the beach. All of a sudden the children stopped and turned to giggle at their parents… who had just stepped up onto the dining tables to dance wildly to the beats of DJ Olivier Meiji. Another ‘Dance-On-The-Table-Lunch-Party’ was a group of 20-something year olds who were shaking it on the tables drinking their ‘Community-Mega-Mohito’ in unison from 3-foot long colored straws. There are people of all ages at Bagatelle Beach really letting loose enjoying the vibes that St Tropez has to offer! You got money in the bank, bring it! Its No holds bar at Bagetelle Beach, grandma get up on the table with little Isabella! It’s a party in St Tropez!

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